Safe catering during the pandemic times

Bezpieczny catering w czasach pandemii

Is catering safe during the pandemic?

Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing. She appeared unexpectedly and changed the current lifestyle of society.

The restrictions introduced by the government as well as common sense, prompt us to social insulation. Specialists call for compliance with temporary restrictions, thus emphasizing the leading role of social distance, both in the private and professional sphere.

The consequence of the persistent tendency of growth of infections is the division of Poland into three zones - green, yellow and red. The strongest restrictions apply in yellow and red zones, which significantly hindered the organization of events, congresses and training in a traditional formula. This inhibition directly affects gastronomy, which lost contracts from day to day and the ability to generate orders on the current scale. The situation is enhanced by fear and uncertainty shown in social moods. We still do not know which direction the virus is evolving and how much he will translate into planned activities.

Is catering a good solution in a pandemic times?

How to safely supply our loved ones and employees with food?

What should you eat to maintain immunity and health?


Coronavirus still remains a mystery. However, scientists are sure that it does not move through food. Specialists agree that food is not an environment of living for coronavirus, and compliance with hygiene standards in the production and processing of food eliminates any risk.

In Batida, the safety of meals is the most important. Now, during a pandemic, we control quality and hygiene in our production and service points with even greater attention. We have implemented a number of rules and procedures so that our employees and our clients feel confident, even in such uncertain times.

Cater BOXY with snacks  sweet. We have expanded the product offer, also adapting the form of sales, supply and production of food to changing circumstances.

Batida e-store The ring is the most contactless form of supplying food. The supplier leaves the order at the door of the indicated address. The choice of products and payment takes place in the online system, all without having to leave the house. Drivers use masks and protective gloves and cars are constantly disinfecting.

We adapted food production processes to new requirements so that customers have no doubt that we care about their health. The HACCP system has been expanded to include additional control points and procedures such as putting on masks, gloves or daily body temperature measurements. The meals we provide before they reach the customer are cooled in shock, which limits the development of bacteria and viruses. We pack meals vacuum or in separate containers with a coverage.

By respecting procedures and implementing additional system solutions, we still provide services at the highest level with a security guarantee, prepared dishes. In addition to the value of taste and the craftsmanship of appearance, security has become a key factor affecting the choice of catering.

Let's take care of ourselves - Batida catering

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