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1. Batida Sp. z o.o. attaches particular importance to the protection of personal data. The provisions of the Privacy Policy of Batida Sp. z o.o. comply with the currently applicable legal provisions on the protection of personal data, i.e. with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC, i.e. GDPR and the Act of May 10, 2018 on the protection of personal data.

2. The Administrator of personal data is: Batida Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Warsaw, at 8 Szucha Avenue, 00-582 Warsaw, Poland, registered in the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS 0000167112, NIP (VAT) (PL) 526-021-30-08 and REGON 006921037.

3. The personal data inspector appointed by Batida Sp. z o.o. can be contacted via: 1) post: to the address of Batida Sp. z o.o. specified in item 2 of this Privacy Policy, 2) e-mail: or 3) phone: +48 22 621 45 34 or +48 22 621 53 15.

4. Batida Sp. z o.o. also remains the recipient of the collected personal data, i.e. personal data will not be transferred to other entities.

5. Personal data relates to natural persons.

6. Personal data will be processed by Batida Sp. z o.o.:

a) in the case of data collected for the purposes of order implementation pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1(b) GDPR;

b) in the case of data collected for marketing purposes pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1(a) GDPR;

c) for the purpose of implementing the legitimate interests of the Administrator - handling complaints and protection against claims, as well as establishing and pursuing possible claims pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1(f) GDPR;

d) for the purpose of implementing the legitimate interests of the Administrator in the case of personal data obtained by an automatic system allowing for the collection of data of website users, in order to control how users use the Administrator’s website and to individually adapt to a given user to conduct direct marketing more effectively pursuant to art. 6 sec. 1(f) GDPR.

7. Batida Sp. z o.o. will collect the following personal data for the purpose of order implementation: name and surname, data of the company in which the natural person is employed/with which he/she cooperates to the extent necessary for order implementation (Tax Identification Number, company name, company address), e-mail address and telephone numbers and delivery address, and in the case of personal data collected for marketing purposes, the following personal data: name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number. In addition, Batida may also collect other data - IP address, browser data, location - which is processed automatically by the systems operating on the website.

8. Batida Sp. z o.o. declares that the personal data collected from data subjects will be processed in accordance with applicable law, in a fair and transparent manner.

9. If you have given your consent in the online form for Batida Sp. z o.o. to collect data for marketing purposes, personal data processed for this purpose will be used by Batida Sp. z o.o. for maintaining contact by means of regular and irregular communication through the use of telephone communication, e-mail, letter and newsletter. You are under no obligation to give such consent to use services of Batida Sp. z o.o. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the website has an automated system that collects website users’ data and processes it for direct marketing purposes. Personal data collected and processed by Batida Sp. z o.o. for the purposes specified in this item will be stored in a form that allows for the identification of data subjects for an indefinite period, and in the event of a request to delete this data or in the event of an objection to the processing, until these requests are considered in accordance with the GDPR.

10. In the case of personal data collected for the purpose of placing and executing a commercial order, and therefore in order to execute a contract related to the order placed, the personal data will be processed for the period necessary to implement the order and for the statutory period for the purpose of your possible claims against Batida Sp. z o.o. and/or claims of Batida Sp. z o.o. against you. Providing personal data for the purpose of placing and implementing a commercial order is a contractual requirement, a condition for concluding a contract with Batida Sp. z o.o., if you do not provide the required data, the order will not be accepted and processed by Batida Sp. z o.o.

11. Batida Sp. z o.o. takes care to maintain security and confidentiality of your personal data and to guarantee execution of your rights, in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of personal data. By handing over your personal data to Batida Sp. z o.o., you have the right to:

a) request access to the personal data provided (including obtaining a copy of the data subject to processing, also in electronic form); request its rectification (if the data in the possession of Batida Sp. z o. is inaccurate or incomplete), its deletion (e.g. if the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, and Batida Sp. z o.o. has no basis to process it, e.g. based on your consent or to fulfil a legal obligation, personal data is processed unlawfully), or object to the processing (regarding the processing of your personal data as part of the legitimate interests of Batida Sp. z o.o.), for reasons related to your particular situation); you also have the right to transfer the data provided to us in a machine-readable format (allowing for free reading by a computer), e.g. if you wish to make it available to another entity; and you have the right to limit processing in the following cases (when submitting the application, indicate one of the following cases):

  • if you have reservations as to the correctness of your data - for a period allowing Batida Sp. z o.o. to check the correctness of the data;
  • if you believe that the processing is unlawful, but you do not want us to delete it, but instead you request that its use be restricted;
  • if your personal data is no longer needed by us, but you need it in connection with the investigation, determination or defence of your claims;
  • if you have objected to the processing of your data, and our duty is to verify whether we should further process it for the time needed for such verification.

b) withdraw your consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on your consent before its withdrawal, if the processing is based on the consent of the data subject;

c) lodge a complaint to the supervisory body (the President of the Personal Data Protection Office);
You can exercise all the above-mentioned rights in accordance with Articles 15 to 21 of the GDPR.

12. You can exercise your rights by submitting an appropriate instruction at the headquarters of Batida Sp. z o.o. (8 Szucha Avenue, 00-582 Warsaw), via traditional mail or e-mail, and in the case of withdrawal of your consent, using special forms available on our websites.

13. Within one month of receiving the instruction Batida Sp. z o.o. will provide you with information about the actions taken in relation to your request. If necessary, the deadline for fulfilling your request may be extended by another two months due to the complexity of the request or the number of requests made.

14. In order to fulfil your request, we are entitled to verify your identity so that your data is not acquired by an unauthorized person.

15. If your request turns out to be clearly unjustified or excessive, in particular due to its common nature, Batida Sp. z o.o. may request a reasonable fee to fulfil the request or refuse to act on the request.

16. The above rights also apply if Batida Sp. z o.o. will continue to process personal data for a purpose other than the purpose for which the personal data was collected. Then, before such further processing, Batida Sp. z o.o. informs the data subject about this other purpose and provides him/her with any other relevant information about his/her rights.

17. In order to carry out marketing activities, Batida Sp. z o.o. uses profiling offered by social networks so that you can receive commercial information from Batida tailored to your needs and preferences. Our website also has an automatic system that processes your personal data to better understand your needs and preferences. As a result, the use of our website will be more convenient for you and the marketing content will be better suited. However, the effect of such profiling is not making automatic decisions that would affect your rights and obligations.

18. Any personal data collected by Batida Sp. z o.o. will be obtained voluntarily and with the consent of the data subject, in order to ensure the highest quality of services. Each consent will be given freely, specifically, consciously and unambiguously. Batida Sp. z o.o. undertakes to maintain security and confidentiality of information relating to visitors of the website and not to use it in any generally available database or for marketing purposes in relation to third parties.

19. Batida Sp. z o.o. processes personal data in a manner that ensures adequate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage by appropriate technical or organizational measures. The data subject is responsible for security of his/her data, such as: e-mail address, password, etc.


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