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  • If your family's motto is "the closer to nature, the better" - a natural white drip cake with white living flowers and leaves is the perfect choice for your child's communion. The cake is a reflection of peace and harmony. Finished crème pâtissière without the addition of marzipan sugar, a drip made of white chocolate. 🌱

    * the photo shows a cake for 25 people,

  • Diameter: 15cm
    Height: 14cm
    Shape: round
    Recommended amount of servings: 15

    Diameter: 20cm
    Height: 9cm
    Shape: round
    Recommended amount of servings: 20

    Diameter: 20cm
    Height: 12cm
    Shape: round
    Recommended amount of servings: 25


    Through Batida to the heart - almond sponge cake without the addition of wheat flour, mus based on dark chocolate, raspberry insert.

    Duet - vanilla sponge cake, mus made of white chocolate, milk chocolate mousse, feuilletine (crispy puff based on nut paste and milk chocolate).

    Chocolate mousse - chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse based on high-quality chocolate with 70% cocoa from the Belgian brand Barry Callebaut.

    Love - chocolate sponge cake, passion fruit mousse.