Christmas Eve bigos

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  • A product from the Christmas collection prepared by the kitchen team of Batida. 馃尣

    We usually eat Christmas Eve bigos once a year, so it is worth choosing the one that is carefully prepared, is a complete dish with a deep taste, and not just sour, stewed cabbage with mushrooms.

    First - cabbage. Necessarily the one pickled by yourself or the one with a small amount of additives, which is not acidified with vinegar. The more local the better. If the cabbage is not over-salted - you do not need to rinse it, by doing it you lose some of the aromas, which we like so much about it. And mushrooms without which we cannot imagine traditional stew. When looking for UMAMI, it is worth using those that produce meat aromas during cooking - e.g. porcini mushrooms. Apart from them, the taste of UMAMI will also be conquered by others - bolete mushrooms and mushrooms. Finally, smoked plum, honey and spices - bay leaf, allspice, thyme and anise. Voil脿!

    If you don't have time for all this - we did it for you!

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    packaging: eco box
    Size: 400g or 800g

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  • sauerkraut, white onion, boletus, boletus, mushrooms, smoked plum, honey, black pepper, salt, anise, bay leaf, allspice, thyme