Half a heart

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  • Half a heart, or half a heart.

    We associate this term with romantic love. We love to read about such love, to see such love, we also dream about it very often, succumbing to its idealized image. For lovers of literature such as 'The Suffering of Young Werther', 'The Un-Divine Comedy' or 'Kordian', romantic love always ends tragically.

    We are looking through rose-colored glasses today and we want to believe that romantic love will sooner or later grace each of us with its presence and everyone will find their second half. So if you are also a romantic or a romantic, gingerbread hearts dipped in white chocolate, sprinkled with rose petals will be the perfect addition to a love letter.

    Size: 130g
    Packaging: white cardboard box with a window and a band "will you be my valentine?"

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  • gluten, eggs, milk
    trace amounts: soybeans, sesame, nuts