Frozen chocolate tart

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  • Description
  • Ingredients
  • Shock freezing
  • We present a new collection of homemade no-bake cakes. 

    Crispy tart filled with Belgian chocolate z feuilletine and edible gold.


    1. Open the cardboard box and remove the dough from the protective foil
    2. Leave to thaw at room temperature in a dry place for 3 hours
    3. The cake is ready to eat

    Storage: in a freezer at a minimum temperature of -18C
    Attention: do not freeze again. After defrosting, consume within 3 days, store in the refrigerator.
    Delivery time: 72h
    Net weight: 450g | we recommend dividing into 6-8 servings

    Frozen tarts are only available with DELIVERY due to the form of storage. All frozen products are transported in cars - freezers, thus maintaining refrigeration conditions appropriate to a given product.

  • Polish apples, wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, almonds, raisins, cinnamon, vanilla, salt.

    gluten, eggs, milk
    trace amounts: nuts, soybeans, mustard, sesame

  • The pleasure of the taste is important to us, therefore, when creating a collection of frozen cakes, we took care of the detailed refinement of the freezing process.

    We are all familiar with the traditional freezing process. However, few people know that only correct shock freezing allows you to maintain the quality characteristics of fresh products (structure, color, taste, moisture and aroma). Why?

    Freezing turns the water molecules present in each product into ice crystals. By doing this in the traditional way, macro crystals are formed that damage the structure of the product. Only the shock freezing process allows them to be turned into microcrystals that do not change the physical characteristics of the product.

    The greatest concern when creating frozen cakes was for our confectioners to preserve the taste, texture, aroma and humidity of the same as with fresh products.

    With the standard freezing process, food products dry up during defrosting, they evaporate, losing about 6-% of their weight. Blast freezing reduces evaporation by 2-3% and leaves the dish with a real flavor.