Old flame

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  • Old flame, or old love

    Simply put, old love never rusts. However trivial it sounds, however we should not enter the same river twice ... we are very attracted. It attracts to what was good, with which we have fond memories, which evokes a pleasant thrill.

    This is the case with this mono portion, because we decided to repeat this form for the third year in a row. We rarely go back to the same shapes, but this time the emotions associated with it were stronger.

    This year we offer you a combination of chocolate and plums - the crunchy, chocolate bottom is filled with chocolate mousse (70%) and plum jam. Invariably, we finished the tart with chocolate pralines from our studio filled with the same plum jam, chocolate suede and edible gold.

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  • gluten, eggs, milk
    trace amounts: soybeans, sesame, nuts