Tart armagnac with plum

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  • Grandma and Grandpa are this specific species of people who care about our happiness more than their own. There is always a good time to start appreciating their presence and saying thanks. 🙂

    What to give Grandpa on January 22? If you have no idea, the stomach-to-heart method is always effective! 

    This year, we have prepared something extra for Grandpa! We are sure that this is a flavor that you will talk about more than once in a thousand game.

    We filled the brittle chocolate cake with chocolate cream with brandy, real, fried plum jam, and if you didn't have enough plums, we also added the dried Californian one. We finished the tart with fancy dark chocolate and edible gold, and what!

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  • gluten, eggs, milk, nuts 
    trace amounts: soybeans, sesame